A Bitter Frost

Not all stories have happy endings. Every character is not likable. Not all books get wrapped up in the end. A Bitter Frost is a psychological thriller centering around a woman's bout with schizophrenia and her environment's reaction to her illness. Through each twist and turn, evidence of the paranormal exists keeping the reader guessing as to what is real or just an idea in one's mind.

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About the Book

A Bitter Frost

By Christine Schulden

Laurel Frost seems to live an idyllic life. She lives in a perfect home, frequently dines at the local country club, touts a prominent local attorney as her husband. But behind closed doors, things look quite different. Laurel is constantly finding evidence that someone's broken into her home; books are tossed from shelves, dishes are broken and mirrors are shattered. But no one, not even her husband, believes that someone else is doing these things. Her frantic attempt to expose the truth leads her down a path that Laurel's not prepared for; a path that could turn deadly.

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Reviews of A Bitter Frost

Christina S

For this being her first novel, Christine has made quite an impression on me. The story she weaves is one full of intrigue. Laurel Frost is the wife of a prominent defense attorney, whose life seems to be one of privilege. Her and her husband Cameron have wealth and prestige, and a gorgeous home, a home that is the stuff of nightmares for Laurel. Someone has been breaking into her home and moving and throwing things about. These instances are frightening her and angering her husband, who is convinced that she is doing these things herself in order to get attention from him. As the episodes grow, so does the bitterness between her and Cameron. Laurel soon finds herself not only terrorized in her own home, she has to defend herself from everyone in her life that think she is on a downward spiral of mental illness. I was so vested in this book that I could not put it down! I felt I was going through it all along with Laurel, every angry thought, every fear. Christine Schulden has made a lasting mark on the me, and the literary world. She has a great writing career ahead of her, one which I will be following every step of the way.

Michael Bradley

I wasn't sure at first if I was going to really get into this book. I don't normally read stuff from the paranormal genre. But, I have to admit that this book had me hooked after the first chapter. The author really gets deep with the character development and I started finding myself REALLY wanting to keep reading to find out what happens next. I won't give anything away, but the twist in the final chapter completely blew me away. Excellent read. I would highly recommend it.

Thomasine S. Bianchi

What a great debut novel! Captivated me right from the beginning. Definitely an author to watch. Worth the time to read...

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About Christine Schulden

Christine Schulden

Ever since she was a little girl, Chris wrote. She was always writing creatively in notebooks and drawing pictures to accompany them.

At 12, she was accepted at the Institute for Children’s Literature, a correspondence writing course, but lied about her age and said she was 21. Her passion for writing flourished and continued into adulthood.

Chris graduated from La Salle University in Philadelphia with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications/Journalism/Public Relations. She worked in the radio industry at a sports radio station in Philadelphia and sold advertising air time for an 80’s station. She worked in the advertising industry for most of her professional career buying television and radio advertising time in multiple markets across the country.

Chris has an amazing (and infinitely patient) husband and three exceptional daughters. They live in a New Jersey suburb and have chosen to live there purposefully because New Jersey doesn’t suck as bad as most people think. She loves reading, painting, interior design, horror films and watches way too much TV.

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